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The Sage and the Mouse

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

A Panchatantra series tale

One day a scholar came to meet the sage. During their discussion, the scholar noticed that the sage was distracted. The scholar angrily said. “it seems your are not interested in hearing my opinions. You are preoccupied with some important thought, I should leave.”

The sage apologized for his behaviour and pointed to the mouse. “Look at that mouse! No matter how high I keep the bowl of food, he can always reach it! He has been tormenting me for weeks.”

The scholar understood the problem and advised. “The mouse can jump so high because he is very strong and confident. He must have stored a lot of food somewhere. You must find his hideout.”

The sage and the scholar followed the mouse and found the hole where he had stored the food. They dug the hole and removed all the food.

The mouse grew weak as he was left with no food. He tried to find more food but did not succeed. Slowly he lost his confidence. Left with no option, he entered the sage’s hut and tried to steal food from the bowl. However, he failed to reach the bowl. The sage hit him with a cane. The injured mouse was forced to flee from the hut and find a new place.

Moral of the Story: Strike at the enemy’s source of strength to defeat him.