Arya Samaj

Kid's Corner

The Lion and the Carpenter

Last Updated: November 5, 2023

The Carpenter once befriended a lion in the forest and invited him for lunch. The lion agreed and went to the carpenter’s house at the edge of the forest. The carpenter presented several dishes to the lion, who enjoyed them all.

The carpenter said to the lion, “You can dine with me every day, but you must come alone.”

The lion agreed. They met every day and the lion eventually gave up hunting.

One day, a jackal and a crow asked the lion why he no longer hunted. He told them that he was dining with a friend whose wife cooked delicious food. The lion invited them to meet the carpenter.

Seeing the lion with other animals, the carpenter and his wife climbed a tall tree. The carpenter said to the lion, “You broke your promise, we can’t be friends any more.”

Moral of the Story: Learn to honour your word.