Arya Samaj

Kid's Corner

The Greedy Jackal

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

A Panchatantra series tale

A lazy jackal was once passing through the forest hills. From a distance, he saw a hunter and a wild boar fighting each other. The hunter aimed an arrow at the boar but missed his target.

Furious, the boar charged at the hunter. But before the boar could reach him, the hunter aimed another arrow at the boar. The arrow struck the boar, injuring him. The boar collided with the hunter and killed him. After sometime, the boar died due to his wound.

Watching all this, the jackal thought to himself, “What a great feast this is! It will last for days”.

Being greedy, he started licking the bowstring too, which was covered in meat and blood. As he tried to eat the meat on the bowstring, it snapped. A sharp edge pierced the jackal’s mouth and brain. The greedy jackal bled to death.

Moral: Greed is harmful