Let the earth, bearing in many places, people of different speech, of diverse customs and practices, according to their homes, yield me a thousand streams of property like a steady unresisting milch cow

Atharva 12.1.45

Kid's Corner

The Result of Education

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A cruel bandit caught two parrots in the forest. While returning home, one of the parrots escaped and flew away and found shelter in a Sage’s house.

A few years later, a king lost his way and reached the bandit’s hut in the forest. The parrot in the bandit’s house shouted. “A rider is approaching the house. Catch him and kill him!”

The king swiftly changed his course and rode in the other direction.

He then reached the sage’s house, where the second parrot politely said, “Please come inside and rest. We will arrange for some fresh fruits.”

The surprised king replied, “I recently saw a parrot just like you, but he spoke to me quite rudely.”

The parrot then narrated the story of how he got separated from his twin brother.

The King said, “A good education has given you good manners. Your brother’s foul speech is the result of bad education.” Moral of the Story: Good manners are learnt behaviour.

Download your copy with some great drawings for you to colour