O Lustrous Lord, kindle the fire within us which may burn all evil and give us strength to make sacrifice for the meek and the weak and save them from the evil oppressors

Yajur Veda 18.61

Forthcoming Events - 2020

Dear Members and Friends

Due to the prevailing condition in the UK related to Corona Virus Pandemic we have to:

  • Cancel Foundation Day of Arya Samaj event for 12th April 2020
  • Cancel Day Centre held every Wednesday
  • Cancel Yoga class held every Thursday

There will be no SUNDAY CONGREGATION (SATSANG) until further notice.

Arya Samaj is closed until further notice

Soon as conditions allow we will resume our normal activities - announcements will be made on this web page/site

You can still get in touch by email: enquiries@arya_samaj.org or by phone: 0121 359 7727