Whatever there is in this world is pervaded by the Supreme Master. Enjoy His gifts with renunciation. Do not covet. Whose indeed is the wealth?

YajurVeda 40.1

Dayanand Anglo Vedic (DAV) Primary School in Birmingham

Vacancy: We are urgently looking for a Head or a Deputy Head Teacher from a primary School rated " Good" or "Outstanding" to join our dedicated team of members working for proposed DAV Primary Free School. We need this person to develop the educational plan for our School project.
Those of you who are interested please get in touch with us. Click here for full details

Q. Why do you want to open a Hindu (Vedic) faith primary School in Birmingham?

Ans. We would like to pass on our culture, our traditions, our way of life and our spiritual and social belief to our younger generations.

We believe and follow the teachings of four Vedas. About 2 billions years ago, at the start of this universe, God gave the knowledge of The Vedas to four learned men

Swami Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati laid the foundation of Arya Samaj on 10th April 1875 in Bombay, India. There were 100 members of this Samaj. It is an institution based on the universal teachings of Vedas for the benefit of the entire humanity. He wrote 10 principle of Arya Samaj.

The summary of the 10 principals are as listed below:

  1. God is the primary source of all true knowledge and all that is known by its means.
  2. God is existent, formless and unchangeable. He is incomparable, omnisicient, unborn, endless, just, pure, merciful, beginningless, omnipotent, the support and master of all, omnipresent, unageing, immortal, fearless, eternal, and holy, and the creator of the universe. To him alone is worship due.
  3. Vedas are the scripture of all true knowledge.
  4. All persons should always be ready to accept the truth and to give up untruth.
  5. All our actions should be according to the principles of Dharma, i.e. after differentiating right from wrong.
  6. The primary aim of the Arya Samaj is to do good to the whole world i.e. to its physical, spiritual and social welfare.
  7. All ought to be treated with love, justice, and according to their merits as dictated by Dharma.
  8. We should all promote knowledge (vidya) and dispel ignorance (avidya).
  9. One should not be content with one's own welfare alone, but should look for one's welfare in the welfare of all.
  10. In matters which affect the well-being of all people the individual should subordinate any personal rights that are in conflict with the wishes of the majority; in matters that affect him alone he/she is free to exercise his/her human rights.
The Vision of DAV School:
  1. We want parents to be able to send their children for high quality education at our school called Dayanand Anglo Vedic (DAV) Primary School based in Handsworth area of Birmingham.
  2. Our school will follow the National Curriculum and prepare children for 11plus entrance examinations into good secondary schools.
  3. Our school will accept children from the age of 4 years in Reception class and will be building up from Reception in future. There will be 2 forms of entry and maximum no. of children in each form will be between 20 to 24 students.
  4. We want children attending our school to learn about British values. There will be an extra emphasis on teaching about Hindu (Vedic) way of life i.e. respect for teachers, parents and elders in the society, to speak truth and be honest and polite and tolerance for other members in the community and believe in God. Children will be taught about all prevailing religions in UK.
  5. In addition to academic curriculum our school will offer Yoga classes, sports and dance classes.
  6. Our school will be faith designated. We will be admitting up to 50% of pupils of Hindu faith and the rest will be open to pupils of all faiths and no faiths.
  7. Our school will aim for each child to reach his/her full potential and aspire for higher education.

It is our sincere request to parents with children born after year 2012 to get in touch with Arya Samaj West Midlands in order to fill in 'School support survey' form to show their support for our school or
Click here to download the Survey form and post it to us to the address written at the bottom of this form.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Dr. Narendra Kumar
The Board of Trustees
Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands
321 Rookery Road,
B21 9PR,

Telephone: 0121 359 7727
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