O Lord, keep us away from all ills and vices, and, may we be always devoted to all that is good and virtuous

Yajur Veda 30.3

**New for 2020**


You can purchase the following books from
Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands, 321 Rookery Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9PR
0121 359 7727

Books can be posted to you, but there will be an extra charge for postage and packaging (P&P) depending on weight/destination

These books are about the performance of all Vedic Sanskars to teach the moral values of human being.

Practice of 16 Vedic Sacraments

In English Language
by Dr Narendra Kumar


Vedic Sanskar Vidhi Book

In Hindi Language
by Acharya Dr Umesh Yadav


A Brief Introduction to Arya Samaj

In English Language
by Dr Narendra Kumar