Effort is in my right hand; Victory is in my left

Athava Veda 7.50.8
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Understanding the term "ARYA"

The word Arya defines a person who has integrity, courage, honesty, gentleness, compassion, eagerness for knowledge and respect for the wise and learned.

The Arya is one who is humane, dedicated to doing good to the world through the use of truth, love, protection of the weak and absolute fairness between men and men and nations and nations. He strives to overcome all outside him and within him that stands opposed to advancing justice, freedom and meritocracy in society.

Self-conquest is the first law of his nature. He overcomes the mind and its habits and does not live in a shell of ignorance based on inherited prejudices, fashionable customs and hedonism. Instead he knows how to be pure, to be large and flexible in intelligence as well as being firm and strong in his will.

The Arya is a worker and a warrior.